I discovered words early one morning when I lay awake in my crib while my parents slept in the next room. The cat walked in, and as I reached between the bars to pet her I suddenly understood that she was “cat,” a word inside my head at the same time she existed in the physical reality of the room. That meant everything else had a word that went with it.

The world was suddenly limitless, and I’ve been hooked on words ever since.

My mother read to me — books of children’s poems, comics, then Alice in Wonderland. Staten Island had an excellent library system, and when I could read, she got me a library card. I wrote my first short story when I was nine — it was very short, less than a page, but a beginning — first novel at eighteen. It was terrible, and I hope it’s lost forever, but it’s nice to find out you can do something even if you can’t do it well yet.

I graduated from New York University, married Robert Warlock, we bought a farm in Argyle, New York, and raised three children.

They do nap a lot when they’re babies, and as toddlers, Captain Kangaroo and Sesame Street bought me an hour of mostly uninterrupted time. Then they go to school. If you write while they’re busy with their own interests, you’re not taking time away from your family. And even just a page a day adds up to a novel, eventually.

The children are grown now, and Bob and I live in Schenectady, NY, where he works for Proctors Theatre, and where I have written the books listed in this website.