My books fall mainly into three categories: realistic fiction, fantasy, and mystery.

The Tilde series is based loosely on my mother’s life and experiences. The daughter of German immigrants, she grew up on Staten Island and struggled through the Great Depression and World War II. She was a talented artist who suffered from Bipolar Disease (Manic Depression as it was called then), and the two were inextricably intertwined.

The Changeling Garden is the story of a family who moves into a Victorian house with an unusual garden, one with a mind of its own — a garden that reads your thoughts and talks back – a garden whose plants move of their own volition. I lived in the house once, but invented the garden.

Here Kitty, Kitty, set in the Adirondacks and written when I was living in Argyle, is told partly from a cat’s point of view. A portal between now and the late Ice Age allows the cat to visit the past, and wooly Mammoths, giant deer, and sabertooth cats to enter the present.

Threads is set in Schenectady, in a fabric store run by the Fates. It takes place in several Schenectady locations — the wonderful old Vale Cemetery, Jay Street, and the Stockade.

Ghosts of Proctor’s Theatre is exactly about what it sounds like it’s about — a bevy of ghostly Vaudevillians put on a show, a living psychic confronts a dead magician, and of course, there must be murder.

One evil ghost is a character resurrected from my murder mystery, The Borgia Prince. This also takes place in Proctors, where a theatrical company is staging a play about the Borgias. Fittingly enough, a murder by poison occurs on opening night.