Winifred Elze

for Miranda

Welcome to my website.

Winifred ElzeMy latest book, Ghosts of Proctor's Theatre, is based on actual sightings at the theatre. Most of the characters are ghosts. Ghostly vaudevillians haunt Proctors stage, cheered on by an audience of ghosts. Ghosts take care of props and costumes, and serve in concession stands, and run the movie projector, and get testy with live people who disarrange their work.

And then there are the murderers and their victims, trapped in crimes committed long ago and seeking release.

Three living people come into this long gone but still vibrant world and, through psychic investigation, change it forever.

Ghosts of Proctor's Theatre is now for sale in Proctors Gift Centre in Schenectady, New York. It will be available as an e-book eventually, but for now, Proctors has it exclusively.


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